As an authorized Penndot Online Messenger, we are able to process and issue instant registration renewals, title transfers, and initial registrations.   V & F Multi-Service is your one stop shop, from connecting you to automobile insurance to ownership transfers; we are here to provide you with optimal service for all of your motor vehicle needs.

​ For further information regarding Pennsylvania Driver and Vehicle Services, please visit

Registration Renewals

Renew your car, truck, motorcycle, or trailer registration through our instant online system. Here at V & F Multi-Service we are able to issue registration renewals on the spot, so you will leave our office with your renewed registration card, not one of those ugly, temporary rear window registration!

What to Bring:

I: Current Insurance ID Card for the Vehicle
II: Valid Pennsylvania Driver's License / Photo ID Card
III: Vehicle Information (VIN/ Plate Number/ Title Number)

Title Transfers

Buying or Selling a vehicle? V & F Multi-Service makes transferring the ownership of a vehicle quick and easy for both the buyer and the seller. New Registrations can be issued instantly, and buyers receive their new titles in 7-10 business days! (If done electronically) Our experienced staff will make certain that your title transfer is processed accurately and efficiently to secure the interests of both parties involved.

V & F Multi-Service is the one stop shop for car buyers everywhere, providing you with title transfers, and instant registrations all under one roof.

What to Bring to Transfer A Pennsylvania Title:

​ I: Valid Driver's License, State ID, US Passport, or Military ID
II: Odometer Reading
III: Vehicle Title


​ I: Valid Pennsylvania Driver's License, Valid Pennsylvania State ID, or a Valid Military ID
II: New Registration plate, the buyer must provide acceptable proof of insurance documentation.*
III: Transferring a Vehicle Registration plate, buyer must provide acceptable proof of insurance documentation,* as well as the plate number being transferred

*Acceptable proof of insurance following in the name of the individual seeking registration: Current Insurance ID Card, Current Policy Declaration Page, or a Valid Binder of Insurance Page.

Duplicates / Replacements

Did you misplace your vehicle title or registration card? Come in to V & F Multi-Service to apply for a duplicate title and you will receive your replacement in the mail. Replacement registration cards and license plates are issued on-the-spot.

What to Bring for a Replacement Registration Card or License Plate:

​ I. Registered owner must be present with his/her driver's license / ID Card
​ II. Vehicle Information (VIN, Plate Number, Title Number)

What to Bring for a Duplicate Title:

I. Titled owner(s) must be present with his/her driver's license / ID Card, in order for the application to be notarized. (If two individuals are on the title, they both need to be present)
​II. Vehicle Information (VIN, Plate Number, Title Number)

In-Transit Tag Services

60-Day Temporary Tags

Are you an out of state resident who just purchased a car with a Pennsylvania title? If so, we can help you by processing a temporary tag! Pennsylvania In-Transit tags will provide you with a temporary registration for 60 days. Giving you time to get back to your home state and do your state title and registration work.

The buyer/purchaser of the vehicle must bring in the following:
I. The Pennsylvania title to the vehicle that you just purchased.
II. PA titles require the seller’s signature to be notarized therefore the seller(s) must also come with their valid Driver’s License or State issued Photo      ID so we can notarize the title OR it must be notarized before coming in!
III. Valid out of state Driver’s License or valid out of state Photo ID.
IV. Current automobile insurance card or declarations page.
  *Make sure your name is listed on the ID card, if not we must have a VIN specific card or the Declarations Page showing you are listed as a driver.

The original PA Title will be returned to you so that you may complete the processing with your home state DMV.

Personalized and Specialty Plates

Are you looking for Specialty or Personalized Plates? Penndot offers Serveral types of special and personalied plates. V & F Multi-Service will guide you on getting what you need. please read the following for more information:

I. Personalized registration plate applicants must have a valid registration plate, which the applicant shall retain pending receipt of the requested personal plate.

II. Customers can use the Personalized Registration Plate Availability Tool, below, to see if the plate configuration they want may be available.

III. Requests for personal registration plates are restricted to
- passenger vehicles
- motorcycles
- motor homes
- trailers
- trucks with a registered gross weight of not more than 14,000 lbs.

IV. Personalized registration plates may contain up to seven letters and numbers in combination. One hyphen or one space is permitted, but not both. Special characters are not available. A personal motorcycle registration plate may contain up to five letters and numbers in combination. A hyphen or space may be used as part of the plate configuration and counts as one of the available spaces for personalization.

V. Personalized registration plate requests are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

VI. PennDOT has a “Do Not Issue” list of unacceptable configurations. A newly submitted configuration is checked against the list to determine if it should be immediately rejected.

VII. Once PennDOT receives a completed application and payment, the customer’s personalized plate configuration is reserved on PennDOT’s system unless the configuration is on the “Do Not Issue” list.

If the configuration is on the “Do not Issue” list, the system will not allow it to be entered. The customer application is returned to the customer with an explanation of why the application was not processed.

*New vehicles must be titled and registered prior to a personalized plate being issued.

"We are not attorneys licensed to practice law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and I may not give any legal advice or accept fees for legal advice.  We cannot explain or interpret the contents of any document for you, instruct you on how to complete a document or direct you in the advisability of signing a particular document”

Convenient On-Site and Mobile Notary Public


Finding a Notary Public whenever you need one has been a challenge—until now. Our on-site Notary professionals will handle your sensitive documents quickly, accurately and according to legal requirements. Rest assure that our notaries are commissioned and appointed by the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. We are honest, trustworthy, friendly, and customer-oriented. It is our goal to make sure the customer is fully satisfied.  

Perhaps you or your loved ones are unable to travel, you need a notary to attend an appointment with you at a doctor’s office, or your organization is planning a function that requires the services of a notary. Whatever your need may be, V & F Multi-Service provides traveling/mobile notary services. Please call for availability and fees.

Certifed Copies

Government forms are unable to be NOTARIZED as a Notary can only notarize something he or she actually witnessed being signed.  We will create a Certification Copy The process is that you present the original and a copy to the Notary; he or she then signs and NOTARIZES a Certification copy attesting to the fact that he or she saw the original and the copy is a true and correct, unaltered and unchanged document.  This is accepted by most organizations including Embassies throughout the world.  It is suggested that you contact the recipient of the Certification Form to make certain that the form will be accepted.

I-9 Verification

“…. It should be clear that while a notary may sign on behalf of an employer, the notary does not do so in the capacity of a notary public under the Notary Public Law but rather as an agent of the employer. Thus, the notary may convey that he or she is an agent for the employer in the ‘Title of Employer or Authorized Representative’ box in Section 2 of the I-9. However, no notary title or seal should be used to complete the I-9 as an authorized representative of the employer” (website, “Pennsylvania Notaries and Completion of I-9 Forms”; revised March 2013).  (National Notary Association Website)  

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney come in various forms. There are Powers of Attorneys for medical, financial and/or Real Estate situations and in some instances a Power can be made inclusive of everything.  It is suggested that you are careful to select the Power of Attorney that relates to your intended purpose.   If our Notary notarizes an incorrect document, we will need to charge you for a second notarization.  Conversely, if ever our Notary makes a mistake, you will not be charged for a notarization or a visit. 

Travel Consent For a Minor

V & F Multi-service will help you, with your advice and dictation, to prepare and notarize your Travel Consent Letter so that your minor can travel without the presence of one or both parents. This letter will empower a person you trust, to be your child's guardian, to travel.

I. Parent(s) Passport or Identification
II. Child's Passport or Identification 
III. Current address of parents
IV. Passport or Identification of the person traveling with child
V. Travel Dates (when they are leaving and when they are returning)
VI. Travel information (where They are traveling)

* Documents are prepaired from a questionaire and Dictation. Those request are then transported into a document. No legal advise is offered. 

Other Notary Public Services

Affidavits, Verifications, Acknowledgements, Depositions, Administer Oaths, Affirmations and Apostilles


I.R.S and State E-FILE

Why spend hundreds of dollars to get your taxes done by any of the other tax preparation services that offer little value.  At V & F Multi-Service, we understand you have worked hard for your money and need every penny back in your pocket. 

We are accountants.  Our job is accounting and we live accounting. Don’t trust your taxes to a computer program or pay outrageous prices that other tax preparation services charge. 

If you are looking to have your taxes done quickly, accurately, and securely, then let us complete your tax returns(E-file). We are incredibly competent and reasonably priced. So come on down to V & F Multi-Service to get you your maximum refund!

Individuals -


​1040 Income Tax Preparation

1040X - Amended Returns

ITIN Certifying Acceptance Agent

All State Returns

Review of prior year returns

Installment Tax Payment Plans

Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments

All local municipalities returns

Businesses -


​Small Business start-up consultations

Quarterly/Annual Sales Tax Filing

Sole Proprietor/Partnerships/LLC income tax preparation

QuickBooks assistance

Payroll service

Schedule C

Tax Season Annual Prize Drawings!

Prizes may vary. Prizes may be different from pictures.
At the conclusion of every tax season, we invite our customers to tune in on (our Facebook Page) for a chance to win our Annual prizes. We will announce pre-determined prizes at the start of each season and hold a drawing at season's end. Every V & F Multi-Service Tax customer will be eligible to win so find out how!
Choosing a reliable Tax Professional is an important decision. We are honored to be your trusted Tax services provider and want to express our gratitude in a unique way. This drawing is our exclamation point to punctuate the end of every tax season with a dash of fun.
What are the Prizes for the Annual Tax Drawing?
  1. The winner will bring home the Grand Prize (to be determined before the tax season begins, Check back for more details)
  2. Four consolation prizes. (To be determined before the tax season begins, Check back for details)
              All prizes will be new and in their manufacturing box.
  1. Apart from the above prizes, there is also a cash referral program: get $10 in cash for referring someone new if they file with us, they also get $10 cash for appreciation. (Both you and referral get $10 each!)
Rules for the Drawing
To assure fairness, the drawing will be transmitted live on our Facebook page ( and a child will be used to pull the winning number from our ticket lot. The date of the drawing will be announced in advance. Winners will be announced on VFMULTISERVICE.COM, Facebook pages and contacted. All prizes will be claimed by customers. All customers are eligible to win and we will not keep any prizes. This annual prize drawing is designed to give our loyal customers additional chances to win by being a returning customer and/or providing referrals. Please view details below.
How to Participate
  1. File your taxes with V & F Multi-Service (Get 1 ticket put into Drawing) no matter if this is your first time, or are a returning customer.
  2. Refer a Friend, (friend needs to file with us for the first time, not an existing customer), (Get 1 additional ticket put into drawing for everyone you refer), the more you refer the more chances are for you to win! (Both you and your friend get tickets)
  3. Same Person can win more than one prize (if you have multiple tickets, because you referred new clients to us, you get better chance to win multiple prizes)

That Simple! So come on Down to V & F Multi-Service and Win, Win, Win!
* Interpretations * Translations of Documents with Translator Certification * Travel Agency
* Send and Receive Fax * Copies of black and White or Color * Electronic Mailings (Scanned Letters)
* Internet or Phone payments * Birth Certificate Corrections (United States)
* Duplicates of Birth certificates (United States) * Job application Fill
* Application Filling for Temporary or Permanent Custody * Filling for Simple Divorce
And much more!